September 21, 2012
Teen Titans 0 preview is up





Wait.  Do you hear that?

Do you know what that sound is?

That is the final nail being hammered into the coffin of any interest I had in the DCnU version of Tim Drake/Red Robin.

No. Bruce was never just a ‘means to a end’ to Tim. Bruce was the reason Tim became Robin. For Bruce, because Batman needs a Robin. He was the biggest influence on Tim there was.

Dear god, I really want to see the sales numbers on the new 52. What the hell are they seeing that makes them think this is a good idea?

Although, entirely besides the point, I’m amused by the Drakes here. They’re actually pretty close to their original canon portrayal here, which knowing Lobdell, is entirely unintentional. They were decent-if generic-parents prior to Janet being killed off. Somewhat hypocritical when push came to shove regarding their principles versus their survival, but most people in their situation probably would have been.

(I’m still reading Detective Comics 618-621, and in between raging over Alan Grant’s racist and wildly inaccurate portrayal of Haiti and Vodou, I’m giggling over how far canon for Jack, and fanon for him and Janet, have drifted from their original portrayal. I have to make scans to show you guys, it’s hilarious. )

May 24, 2012
How to pronounce Xiao

Xiao Loong is Chinese, based on his name. He’s an acrobat, and remembered the lot where Haley’s Circus pitched tent, so he had to be fairly recent. Haley’s can’t have been a procurer since the beginning, and Gotham being very much a big city, they probably had to change which lot they pitched tent at least once or twice.

There’s already a Talon who started right after WWII, 1946, and another one after that. So he can’t be more recent than pre-WWII. Assuming average lifespan of a Talon doesn’t go much past thirty, and a training start at age nine or ten ish, the time line would go like this:

Xiao is picked by the Court at ten, around the mid to late twenties, serves for 20 years or so, then dies 1945-ish. Then the Post WWII Talon, Mary, who serves till the mid sixties, and after her, Alton, who last an unprecedented amount of time. When he finally goes down, the year is 1995, and Dick Grayson is eight. He’s supposed to be the next Talon, but gets adopted instead.

So Xiao, a Chinese child in America, likely would have been born into one of the Chinese enclaves, sheltered somewhat from the worst of the racism and discrimination in his early years. The USA was doing it’s very best to keep the Chinese people out of America at the time, so he probably didn’t immigrate, or if he did, it wasn’t through government channels.

Things would have been very bad for him, right around the time he ran away to the circus. According to Wikipedia:

In 1924 the law barred further entries of Chinese; those already in the United States had been ineligible for citizenship since the previous year. Also by 1924, all Asian immigrants (except people from the Philippines, which had been annexed by the United States in 1898) were utterly excluded by law, denied citizenship and naturalization, and prevented from marrying Caucasians or owning land.

He probably had faced a lot of ugly, ugly racism by the time he became a Talon candidate.

All this is important, because I’m planning on making him a big part of the next RRatO fic, and I want to make sure I know where he’s coming from.

He might’ve even enjoyed being Talon a little, at the beginning. He got to be powerful, strong. He got to fight back, after a lifetime of discrimination. But he never forgot the ones holding his leash were white men, just like the ones who made his pre-Talon life so difficult.

He never fully trusted or believed them, and that’s why, out of all the Talon’s so far, he demonstrated the most autonomy. He kept his soul hidden away, safe from the Court’s devouring hunger. And the Court, being wealthy, powerful white men in the 20’s, likely never considered that Xiao, a person of color, a chinese boy, was presenting them with a false face of compliance.

May 24, 2012

Jason and Xiao. Cute little undead babies. I ship it.

May 23, 2012
And I am done. Thank god.

It even ended on a somewhat positive note. I am irritated about Jason calling Barbara, of all people, Barbie, which makes no freaking sense considering how, if anything, they should be the most sympathetic with each other. The joker fucked both of them over, and now they’ve both gotten second chances. Babs wouldn’t be that hostile, and Jason wouldn’t be that flippantly sexist.

But whatever. I have cute zombie boys to ship, and the knowledge that somewhere, Lobdell is surely throwing a fit over teh gay shipping in his comic.

May 23, 2012

andysar replied to your post: And now I ship Talon/Jason

Really? It seemed forced and stupdi to me… I mean they magically bonded or soemthing…

It’s really not saying much to call them the best in the comic, and my brain is quite possibly fried by reading all of these in short order. But honest to god, my knee jerk reaction to those two is to coo and giggle.

The Talon’s name is Xiao, and he’s pretty, and Jason wants to save him. Just- awww. Cute little undead babies. I ship it. It says so many terrible things about me, but I ship it so hard.

May 23, 2012
And now I ship Talon/Jason

Because honest to god, they have the most chemistry and believably interesting interaction out of all the characters in the entire nine issues.

May 23, 2012
The Talons are Zombies.

…you know, that’s actually pretty in character for Gotham.

May 23, 2012
I’m just going to pretend I didn’t read that.

Ice. Body. Roy. I think my brain just broke from the stupid.

May 23, 2012
Hey, Lobdell, remember that talk we had about characterization?

Jason has demonstrated, multiple times, that he is a-ok with killing people. Why is he bothering to protect Mr. Freeze? Why doesn’t he just let the owls distract themselves with killing him and focus on protecting the civilians or something?

May 23, 2012
Home stretch

And a stupid fucking Owl pun in the title. Jesus christ, my hate for this man can grow no further.

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