May 7, 2012

This is everybody’s problem in modern America. Smart plus insanely complicated equals splat. Right now in some think tank or Pentagon office there’s a guy drawing up a classified paper about how’d it be cool if we just swapped out the government of Iran with a bunch of friends of ours. The fact that this involves a nation of millions of citizens, a pile of squabbling political factions, and the entire violent, baffling balance of power in the Mideast doesn’t bother the guy. No, no, see, because he’s smart and he’s got a plan. Wait, the Capitol’s on fire now? Oh, crap, shoulda carried the one!

Shoulda carried the goddamn one. That’s the story of US foreign policy right there.


"Gorden Freeman", on the 2012 election (Paul Bibeau, at Goblinbooks)

Read the whole thing. I don’t know whether to laugh, cheer, or cringe.

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