July 25, 2013

…ra’s, the creeper, would so manipulate the system so he ends up in A Drift with Tim

And drifts are a two way street. They’re ridiculously intimate, from what the movie showed. Sooooooo…

How confident is Ra’s that Tim will only be more drawn to him after seeing the contents of his head?

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August 19, 2012

kyrdwyn answered your question: I am in a very bad mood, and I have no clue why

*hugs* Ra’s and Tim being somewhat fluffy and breaking the brain of another member of the batfam in the process?

"Mm-hm. And the situation in Kuwait?" Tim asked, phone tucked between his shoulder and ear.

"On it’s way to being resolved. The situation in the middle east would be so much less complicated if only the Americans would refrain from interfering every time somebody so much as sneezes," Ra’s complained.

Tim snorted. “But Ra’s, how would we teach our soldiers geography otherwise?”

"My own, you are simply terrible," Ra’s told him.

"You wouldn’t love me if I wasn’t." Tim turned on his heel, and spotted the shadow lurking on his balcony. "Just a minute, I’ve got a visitor. Call you back tomorrow?"

"Of course. Be safe, Hayaati."

"You too, Ra’s." Tim hung up the phone and raised his eyebrow in the general direction of his balcony.

"Timmy?" Dick asked, stepping in off the balcony, wide-eyed. "Was that-"

"Ra’s? Yes. You want some coffee, Dick?" Tim asked, pouring himself a cup from the still warm pot.

"Please," Dick said faintly. "When did you start talking to Ra’s?"

Tim gave Dick an odd look. “I never stopped. We’ve been in communication since I got back to Gotham.”

"Ra’s?" Dick repeated, voice rising. "He tried to kill you!"

"So did Damian, and you still want me to get along with him." Tim took an appreciative sip of his coffee. Some day, he needed to get Ra’s to tell him where he acquired it.

"That’s different," Dick protested.

"Not really."

August 13, 2012

kyrdwyn said: For Timestamp meme: How about something from "The Name on your Wrist"? Tim's thoughts as he's getting rid of his Name? Or Dick's reaction to when someone comes around trying to claim Tim? (I know who I suspect it to be, but I know I could be wrong....)

I’m still debating whether I really want to even reveal what Tim’s Name is. Tim is in love with Dick, and that’s what matters to him.

Also, Dick is a bit of an idealist. Most people are, when it comes to Names. But not everybody. Perfect compatibility isn’t the be all and end all of relationships, and people are perfectly capable of falling in love with people who they don’t share Names with. Things can go wrong. Things do go wrong. People just don’t talk about that.

Trigger Warnings for self-harm and discussion of an abusive relationship.


Tim couldn’t read the Name yet. The letters were still rising, blurry and unclear. The one thing he could tell was that it wasn’t Dick’s name. The spacing was all wrong, and the second letter was an ‘a’ or an ‘o’. Or possibly q, p, or c, but Tim doubted it. There weren’t many Names like that.

But what mattered was the second letter was not an ‘i’. Whatever the Name was, it wasn’t Dick, or even Richard. And that was all Tim needed to know.

Tim picked up the stress ball he’d bought for this, and lit the first cigarette. He hesitated. This would be painful.

But belonging to somebody else would hurt more. Tim sucked in a breath, and pressed the burning cigarette down on the top of the first letter.

It hurt.

Tim bite down on his tongue to keep from crying, and squeezed the stress ball. This was worth it. He knew it. He’d seen it with Momma, who hated Dad as much as she loved him. She had a photo hidden in her desk, of a women with long, dark hair, and serious eyes. Momma was in the photo, too. She looked so happy.

Momma had never been happy for as long as Tim could remember. Dad tried, but they all knew only one thing would do it, and it was the one thing Dad wouldn’t do. Divorce Momma, so she could be with the woman she loved.

Everyone knew that once you found your other Name, you weren’t allowed to marry anybody else. It was the law. It was supposed to protect people, but it didn’t. Not always.

Tim blinked back tears, discarded the extinguished cigarette and picked up the next.

July 27, 2012

kyrdwyn replied to your post: Very Short Daily Drabble: Drakestroke

OMG. I can so see Slade as Tim’s honorary godparent or whatever. *snickers* Bruce would have kittens when he found out. So would Dick.

So would Tim and Slade, come to that. Janet doesn’t want her son to get immersed in her bloody, bloody lifestyle, so she’d demand Slade come disguised as somebody besides an infamous mercenary. So when everything comes out…

"You’re Robin," Tim’s godfather said flatly. Tim shrugged, wincing when it made his dislocated shoulder hurt.

"Ah…yes?" Tim couldn’t quit meet his godfather’s eyes. The man groaned.

"Your mother is going to kill me."

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May 19, 2012

kyrdwyn replied to your post: kyrdwyn replied to your post: Grandson Verse AU:…

Hmm. how about some Ra’s and Tim interaction in the Lynchpin ‘verse, if possible?

I can do that. Give me a few days, and I’ll have something written.

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May 18, 2012

kyrdwyn replied to your post: Grandson Verse AU: the Morally Appalling Ra’s/Tim fluff edition, part four!

Warren Anderson of Union Carbide, after the Bhopal disaster?

ding ding ding, we have a winner! What sort of fic would you like?

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April 14, 2012
Red, Robin, and the Outlaws feedback responses:

storiesintheashes reblogged your post: Red, Robin, and the Outlaws

I agree with everyone else.

Please, please, please make this into a verse. De-aged Timmy is my favorite thing in the world and Daddy!Roy is pulling all the right heartstrings. The more I think about this potential verse, the more I need it.

And I am definitely not above bribery.


Daddy Roy and Baby Tim are positively lethal together, aren’t they? I think I am going to make this into a verse anyway, but please, feel free to bribe me. *grin* Bribery makes me happy.

ryssabeth reblogged your post: Red, Robin, and the Outlaws


Baby!Tim always turns my heart to goo, but Lector, I just adore Roy and Jason and Kori in this verse and everything about it makes me happy and sad and ugh, Daddy Roy is just the best.


This is so fantastic, A VERSE, PLEASEPLEASE.

Baby Tim is deadly. I’m glad Jason, Kori and Roy all worked for you. I’m branching out a bit, into characters I don’t normally write, so it’s reassuring to get positive feedback.

Daddy Roy is my new favorite thing ever.

heartslogos reblogged your post: Red, Robin, and the Outlaws

I don’t know how I missed this on my dash.

But oh god.

I was just. Gasping and breathing loudly at the end.


Jesus fucking christ, lectorel. You write so damn beautifully. I just. Feelings. They overwhelm me.

I am traught.

Thank you! I’m glad you like it. I admire your writing so much, and when you compliment mine- *glee*

anexorcist reblogged your post: Red, Robin, and the Outlaws


when did I become such a feels monster ahhhh

I love Roy’s fatherly instincts and Jason’s protectiveness and Kori’s willingness to pick Tim up if “things go south”. And Roooooyyyyy ;___________; and Tiiiiiiiiimmmmmm babbus why ;_____;

Also I am a sucker for “etai yazi” and “aski yazi”, I just really love the way you’re writing Roy, I’m so in love. Kori, too. And Jason and Tim and all of them oh my gosh. Please turn this into a verse.

I’m glad you like it. Kori especially. She’s hard for me to write, which is why she features so little in this fic. I’m hoping to give her a more active role in the future.

Etai Yazi. Gods, I know. And then I came across the male form, and suddenly, I had my perfect ending. Roy breaks my heart.

batsbonesbirds reblogged your post: Red, Robin, and the Outlaws

c-cute! CUTE! Royyyyy you’re the best daddy!

He is, he really is. Roy was meant to be a father. *glares at DC. The hell do they think they’re doing, writing Lian out of existence?*

megs151 reblogged your post: Red, Robin, and the Outlaws

lkfdhjksljhgdksafjlfsdgjlflk!!!!! yes, let it become a verse! its awesome! I love daddy roy!

I’m pretty confident, after the response this fic got, that everybody loves daddy Roy.

kyrdwyn replied to your post: Red, Robin, and the Outlaws

Awww. Tiny Timmy and Roy with his daddy instincts popping up again! Adorable.

Roy completely stole the show on me. Originally, it was supposed to be grown-up Tim, but then Roy butted in to demand what the hell Jason was thinking dragging a kid around a warzone, and well. I felt bad about Lian.

babybirdblues reblogged your post: Red, Robin, and the Outlaws




I love you.  I really, really love you.  This is so much better for Tim even though the whole thinng and FEELS.


*cuddles Timmy*  I’ll take him in.  I’ll take him in in a heartbeat.

Aww. Thanks. Roy appreciates the offer to take Tim in, but, well. He’s not so sure about this handing Tim off to a stranger thing. Like, at all. Give him a few moments, he’ll come up with an appropriate justification for why he shouldn’t. (Roy is in such deep denial. It’s kind of funny.)

April 9, 2012

kyrdwyn answered your question: I totally shouldn’t, but

Dick/Tim, arranged marriage to prevent takeover of one of their businesses/lands/kingdoms….

Dick’s the prince and heir of his kingdom. Tim is not. Tim is the son of the daughter of the youngest prince. There are twenty six people between him and throne. The only member of the family more removed is his five year old baby cousin Eugene. Tim is never, ever going to ascend to the throne. He’s not a knight, or a priest. Which basically means his only use to the family is a political marriage. He’s been groomed since early childhood to be a good ambassador/hostage/trophy spouse.

So when the batkingdom calls on the drakekingdom to aid them in driving off Slade’s forces, the royal family jumps at the chance to arrange a more lasting tie. And boom, Dick and Tim are engaged.

Tim’s actually kind of interested Dick. Which is better than he expected. But it’s not all smooth sailing, because Tim has a lot of frankly twisted, fucked up stuff programmed into him. Dick slowly realizes just how fucked up Tim, and the rest of the Drake family is, while falling in love with Tim.

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