January 6, 2014
For whentuesdaythreatens and puppiesandsissiesandchastity: Tobie Verse, After the War

“I loved her,” Tobie said on national television that first week after the war, face as blank as her eyes were blade-bright, dressed in humanity like a poorly-fitted suit. “What else is there to say? She died, and I loved her.”

“Like a sister, of course,” the talk show host says, and Tobie shakes her head.

“Like a girlfriend,” Tobie says, and ignores the shock that permeates the room.

Tobie, too, can be brave.


She talks to Rachel, sometimes.

Little things, like «I caught a skunk today. Accidentally. I had to morph five times to get the smell off.»

or «Today I went to the mall as Taylor, wearing that dress you liked.»

or «Did you know someone wrote a romance novel about us? I couldn’t finish it.»

And Rachel – the Rachel who lives in the back of her mind, the ghost of a ghost, answers 'Remember the time with the grape juice? You're lucky you know more than Vissor Three did.'

or ‘Taylor, Tobie, really? You know that’s not healthy. And you never wear the green skirt I got you.’

or 'Tell me I killed something in it, at least. Or get Marco to sue the publisher for slander.'

She talks to Marco, too, and Ax and Cassie. Never Jake. Jake is an open wound, and she hates how much she misses him. Hates how thinking of him makes her want to be human and cry in his lap like a little girl.

Rachel was her girlfriend. Jake was her brother. She lost them both with Rachel’s death, lost her whole family, and she misses them all, a tangle of hurt and need like a cancer growing under her breast.


“I didn’t think you’d come,” Marco says, once the doors of his rented villa are closed. Tobie shrugs awkwardly, draped in one of Marco’s dress shirts.

“I -” her voice fails her. «I had to see this through.»

Marco nods, and doesn’t comment on her use of thought-speak. “I’ll make some calls, get you some clothes for the hearing. Something in red.”

Tobie smiles for that, deliberately, the stretch of her mouth strange. «Rachel thought I looked good in green.»

“Green, then,” Marco says, in the silence that falls. He laughs, suddenly, mouth twisting wryly. “Rosemary, for remembrance. The only thing I remember from Hamlet. Did I tell you I failed my GED last month?”

Tobie closes her eyes, memories bittersweet rising. «Idiot teenagers with a death wish, and failing grades in math.»

“Remember when Rachel tossed her math book into the river?” Marco askes. Tobie nods and swipes at her watering eyes.

"Towards - towards the end. Cassie did too.” Her voice breaks. «I miss her so much, Marco. What am I supposed to do?»

Marco takes a shuddering breath, and opens his arms to her. “I don’t know, little sister.”

November 10, 2012
Drakestroke Canon:

In the last moments before Jack Drake died, he made a final phone call.

'You were the best thing that ever happened to me, Jan. I've missed you every day since you had to leave, and only the knowledge you're still alive made it bearable. I love you. Goodbye.'

September 20, 2012
Headcanon: Tim and Damian


Back before Tim left the manor and became Red Robin, while Kon was still dead, Damian destroyed all his Superboy t-shirts. It was one of his most effective attacks.

If that happened, and Kon had stayed dead, I’m pretty sure Tim would hate Damian for the rest of his life. Not the fiery, loud quarreling they do in canon. But the still, slow-burn hate that can be nursed for years, waiting for a chance to avenge itself.

Tim plans his revenge, calmly, carefully, every element inspected, every moment placed just so, the better to leave Damian just as broken and dead inside as Tim is.

Tim was a good person. But grief does things to a person, and those shirts were the only thing holding Tim’s sanity together, after all he’d lost. By the time Bruce returns, and Bart, and he finally starts to trust Steph again, the damage was done.

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August 29, 2012

This song reminds me of Tim and his relationship with his family in recent canon.

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July 7, 2012

This is kind of, sort of, almost, a spin off of Wisia’s Metamorphosis verse, interacting with my personal head canon that Tim is somewhat gender queer. What if it ends up taking the good guys a while to rescue Tim? What if Ra’s gets what he wants?

trigger warnings: depictions of gender dysphoria


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July 5, 2012
Personal Bat-fam headcanon


No one yet knows that in a past life the entire Bat-Fam was actually once related by blood and marriage.

Bruce’s incarnation was a king in Avalon, before the bridge to that world was closed after the death of King Arthur.  Selina was his wife and she bore Dick, Jason, Cass and Tim (fraternal twins), and Damian.

Jim Gordon was the head of the royal guard, and his daughter, Barbara (a warrior in her own right), was the personal bodyguard of Selina.  It was during her service that she met Dick and the two fell in love.  Stephanie was Cass’s best friend and bodyguard, and Tim had a mad crush on her.

Dick was crown prince, though he had no interest in ruling one day.  Jason, on the other hand, was quite the opposite.  As they got old enough to express their opinions, both were in the process of trying to persuade their father to buck tradition and let Jason be the crown prince (part of this is because, by law, the crown prince had to marry a princess, and Dick wanted to marry Barbara).  Tim had no interest in the crown and had devoted himself to religious and mystical studies.  Cass was fine living her own life as she saw fit, though she hated all the feminine things her mother wanted her to indulge in.  She often dressed as a boy to go hunting in the forest.  Damian was still a child and very close to his mother and father.  All his elder siblings doted on Damian.

Talia was a princess of a neighboring kingdom who lost to Selina.  She was also secretly a sorceress and used her skills to lay a powerful curse down on the king and his family.  She used powerful magic to possess Damian, and forced him to kill his own mother before taking his own life.  This started a war between the two kingdoms that laid both royal houses to waste.

Part of Talia’s curse was to ensure that in every following lifetime (because at the time they all believed in reincarnation) their family would never again be related by blood or marriage.  Bruce’s children would be scattered to the winds, and any attempt to reconnect with his former wife would be doomed to failure.  Another part was that in each lifetime, one of his children would be reborn as Talia’s personal child.

Tim was the only family member to survive the war that took everyone else away from him.  Consumed by grief, and slowly dying himself, he used the last of his strength to try and counter Talia’s curse.  He wasn’t strong enough to cancel it, but he could alter it.  

He cast a counterspell that ensured, yes their family would have no choice but to start off seperate, but they would gradually come together in each lifetime.  Life would never be easy for their family, but at least they’d remained tied together, if not by blood then by the red threads of fate.

Once the counterspell was complete, then Tim’s incarnation died.

His was the only body of his family that was never given a proper burial.


If ever any member of the Bat-fam ends up in Avalon, they will be able to happen upon the ruins of their kingdom, and the valley where the final battles of the war took place.  The bones and ancient staff of Tim’s incarnation still lay unburied beneath the willow tree he died beneath.

If they ever spent any significant amount of time in this world, travelling this land, their memories would eventually return of their past lives.

I’m a shameless Talia fangirl, so I immediately had a Talia centric idea for this verse. Posting my notes for use later.

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June 30, 2012
Blame Bee, Fweeble and Pro for this:

If they didn’t keep posting angst, it wouldn’t have occurred to me.

A fic exploring my feelings about Tim’s childhood, his probable mild attachment disorder, and the conflict that causes between his intellectual adult self and his emotional child self, his relationship with his parents, and then Dick and Bruce, how things changed after Damian arrived. All through the incredibly biased, manipulative stories Ra’s tells to six year old Timothy-the-second about his dead father.

June 25, 2012

Hello, new Tim Drake song.

"Everybody’s got a dark side
Do you love me?
Can you love mine?”

June 9, 2012



Tim tries to revive Kon, Steph and his dad with the Lazarus Pit. Dick convinces him not to at the very last minute.

Such a heartbreaking scene. Oh Tim *hugs tight*

What about his Mom? I know she died a few years earlier, but it’s not like there’s a time limit (unless there is and I missed it?).

Also, Dick ends up being a huge hypocrite.

I’d like to think it’s because Tim knows his mother would not appreciate being resurrected.

(“Darling, if I needed a second chance at life, that says terribly embarrassing things about what I did with my first.”)

But really? Writers just flat out forgot about Tim’s mom after she died. Comes from the fact that she was only actually in one issue, and so doesn’t have a lot of compelling canon backstory for Tim to angst over.

May 5, 2012
Bit… by—-a—-RABID…plot… Bunnyyyyyyyyyyyy-


I’m not even supposed to be online, but, damn. I got bit. *points a finger at the fluffy thing latched to her calf with sharp little fangs happily pumping in the poison*

Not that I’m not bit by plotbunnies several times a day, mind you. But just for that, I thought I had an immunity. But this plotbunny is too… vicious not to share. It’s the base for a story that could easily be romantic, funny and sexy, OR angsty and dirty.

Or both.

Okay, follow me. Old canon? I guess? Anyway, the Hush storyarch has yet to happen, or never happened. Anyway, Jason and Tim have never, ever met before. This would work better if Tim was his own superhero (aka Red Robin) rather than Batman’s partner, but then I’d *need* Jason to have worn that identity however briefly in the past and that’s be too complicated.


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I want. Please, Miss Neme. Angst away.

I have a total kink for civilian persona/hero persona pairings, and the image of Robin and Jason, Tim and the Red Hood- mmph. God, it’s lovely.

(I can see Jason losing his mind with worry over Robin’s hickeys, because it’d be one thing if it was just cheating, but Robin- he doesn’t look right when they’re brought up, doesn’t want to touch them, flinches [his Robin, cocky and sarcastic and not afraid of anything, flinches] when he sees them in the mirror. He looks ashamed, hurt, vulnerable in a way Robin should never, ever be.

Somebody is hurting him, and Jason doesn’t know who it is. The Red Hood can go out every night and put down the scumbags, the rapists and the gang members, but Jason can’t do a thing to protect Robin. And oh, it gnaws at him, his failure, makes him more ruthless as the Red Hood, crueler and careless with Tim, and still Robin comes by with those dark, ugly bruises.)

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