November 6, 2013

Okay, but seriously: Tim as Robin!Steph’s civilian boyfriend. Who’s a complete dork and ridiculously in love with her, and sneaks chocolate bars into her utility belt when batman isn’t looking, and just fucking sighs over her like she’s his princess charming.

And who Batman is also ninety five percent certain manipulated things so there was a fucking internal gang war resulting in the deaths of an up and coming group of drug dealers who made several public, gendered threats against Robin.

(Tim loves his girlfriend very much, and is totally comfortable with the fact that she can wipe the floor with him. Some things, however, nobody should have to deal with. Why shouldn’t he nudge things, just a little, so the problem takes care of itself?)

August 13, 2012

anaspiringlibrarian said: Could you please write Crow/Nightmare dealing with Steph or Cass? Or both? And (if you're feeling generous and God knows I don't deserve it) what Alfred thinks of Crow/Nightmare? Thanks very much and keep up your awesome work!

Thanks for the compliment. I couldn’t think of anything not completely traumatic for Alfred and Cass, so I’m putting them on my list of things to try later.


Crow grinned, drumming his heels against the parapet. “Are you going to kill your dad? Can I help?”

"I…maybe," Spoiler said, taking a gulp from her thermos and passing it to Crow. "You can help if I do."

"You’re the best," Crow told her, swallowing a mouthful of lukewarm coffee. "My brother’s got a whole bunch of nasty toxins up in storage, I could bring you a few?"

"Awww. Thanks. You’re pretty cool yourself, for a supervillain," Spoiler told him, playing with one of his feathered earring. Crow blushed.


"Spoiler! Oh, you have to see,” Nightmare said, catching her hand and pulling her into an impromptu waltz. “It’s so very lovely.”

Spoiler let herself be tugged along, settling her hand on Nightmare’s shoulder, and following gamely. “New toy, boyfriend?”

"Even better," Nightmare cooed gleefully, dipping her. "The bat has a new itty-bitty baby birdy. Cute as button, snappy as a crocodile."

Spoiler laughed and clung to his neck. “Oh, the poor brat. You’re going to take him apart.”

June 30, 2012
An Addams

A compilation of the various short fills for the spontaneous Tim-is-an-Addams verse that was born from the first prompt. Now with cameos from Jason Blood and Damian.


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June 26, 2012

Contrary to public belief, Tim was once supportive of Steph. And gave really good advice too.
And then War Games happened argh


Contrary to public belief, Tim was once supportive of Steph. And gave really good advice too.

And then War Games happened argh

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June 19, 2012
Continue to blame this on afewnovelideas, Nobody Tim and Nobody Steph: Nixphetaes is not amused edition

Dream dialogue stolen from Robin #57. Not an exact match because a)dreams don’t work that way and b)plot purposes. Follows immediately after the last scene of the first fic.


Mythotix froze in the middle of cutting down another heartless, staring after the man who shared the field with them. Oblivious to the sword-wielding heartless swiftly approaching.

“Mytho, down!” Nixphetaes yelled, one of her long handled knives slicing through the stomach of a heartless. She snatched the released heart before it could disappear, and went still herself. This-

This was Mythotix’s heart, pulsing strongly in her hands. She knew it as she knew Mythotix’s face. Moving on autopilot, she hid the precious object under her coat, against her chest where her own heart should be. She had to- had to-

“Nix, time to go!” Mythotix grabbed her hand and tore open a corridor of darkness. They ran, adrenaline filling her veins with a facsimile of emotion.

They exited in the town square of Twilight Town, and Mythotix collapsed, panting. Nixphetaes leaned against the fountain, bracing herself on the wide lip.

“What-” Nixphetaes gasped., “What was that about, Mytho?”

Mythotix groaned and allowed his head to fall backwards. “I recognized that man. I think he recognized me.”

“Shit,” Nixphetaes swore. Mythotix’s heart pulsed against her chest. If she gave it to Mythotix, if he became a somebody again, would he leave her? Go find that man who’d looked at Mythotix like he’d known him? Would he leave her? Something in her chest spasmed at the thought.

Mythotix had said he didn’t want his heart back, Nixphetaes justified. So it didn’t really matter where it was, did it? Whether it was incarnated in a heartless, or hidden in Nixphetaes’ pocket. Right?

“What’s with the long face, Nix?” Mythotix asked, brow wrinkling.

“Do you think he’ll come after you?” Nixphetaes asked. That was close enough to her original worry.

Mythotix raised his eyebrows. “How would he manage that? It’s not like somebodies can walk the corridors without getting turned by the heartless.”

Nixphetaes nodded reluctantly. That was true- no matter how much her mind insisted it was a mistake to dismiss the man that easily. By the crease of Mythotix’s brow, he was being visited by similar thoughts.

She parted ways with him uneasily, and retreated to her bedroom. She took out Mythotix’s heart, and slid it into her pillow case. Safe, for now. She’d find a better place for it in the morning.

That night, she dreamed. She and Mythotix sat on a ledge overlooking a shadowed city, as lightless and deadly as the Dark City below the Castle That Never Was.

“I still feel weird about calling you Robin. You know, as your name,” Nixphetaes said, glancing at Mythotix from under her heavy hood.

“Could be worse,” Mythotix said, grinning at her. “At least Robin is a name.”

Nixphetaes clutched her stomach, giggling helplessly. “Imagine if I had to call you Nightwing. Or Batman.”

“Or ‘Green Lantern, my darling!” Mythotix suggested, snickering.

Nixphetaes snorted, laughing. “You made me snort, you creep!”

Mythotix clung to a gargoyle to keep from falling over. “No, no, I’ve got one- ‘I love you… Aquaman’!”

Nixphetaes cackled.

She woke up, the shadows of true amusement chasing her into the waking world. Nixphetaes immediately sat up, and reached into the pillow case. Nothing. Mythotix’s heart was gone. She felt a stab of panic, and then another, deeper one, as she realized she was feeling something.

“Oh, shit,” Nixphetaes swore.

June 18, 2012
Continue to blame this on afewnovelideas, Nobody Tim and Nobody Steph: The expanded edition

And in conclusion, fuck Kingdom Hearts canon. If I’m getting it wrong, I no longer care. This is an AU where things work differently, okay?


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June 15, 2012
Continue to blame this on afewnovelideas, Nobody Tim and Nobody Steph

Mythotix raised an eyebrow, leaning back against the alley wall. “Pardon? What did you call me?”

"You heard me, you sissy freak-boy," the drunken man slurred. Mythotix raised his hand to cover his smile.

"I thought that was it." He turned to his partner. "Sissy? Really? I didn’t think I looked that harmless."

Nixphetaes snorted. “You are tiny and brightly colored, Mythotix. Of course you look harmless.”

"Are you mocking me?" the drunk demanded belligerently.

"Yes. Shut up, we’re having a conversation," Nixphetaes said with a negligent wave of her hand.

"Listen here, girly-"

Nixphetaes looked at him coldly. “I told you to shut up.”

She raised her hand, and one of her golden eyed birds swept down. Blood flew.

Mythotix pushed off the wall, reached one hand into the dying man’s chest, and pulled out his heart. “Not much to look at, is it?”

Nixphetaes rolled her eyes. “A heart is a heart.”

"True enough, I suppose," Mythotix said with a shrug. "I get the tavern, you take the docks?"

Nixphetaes smiled narrowly. “Last one finished owes the winner a meal.”

"You’re on, Nix."

Nix nodded, and vanished in a cloud of black smoke, birds following suit.

Mythotix shook his head, and summoned his pack with a snap of his fingers. He rested a hand on the back of one of his wolves. “See the tavern? Make them bleed.”


"I’m fine, Nix," Mythotix promised. She raised an eyebrow and jabbed the wound in his side.

"Ow! Okay, fine, I’ve got a few holes, but nothing serious…”

Nixphetaes gave him one of her ‘I am deeply unimpressed’ looks. “I will be the judge of that. Strip.”

"Stripping, ma’am." Mythotix took off his robe and blood-stained dress shirt, and hung them over the back of a chair in their shared kitchen.

"Idiot," Nixphetaes said, eyes going soft around the edges. She opened the first aid kit and removed the antiseptic.

Mythotix smiled at her. “But I’m your idiot, right?”

"Nobody else would take you," Nixphetaes said, and began cleaning the bloody cut. Mythotix winced.

"Which works out for me, since I don’t want anybody else."

"Sap." Nixphetaes discarded the blood stained towels, and taped a sterile pad over the wound.

Mythotix shrugged carefully. “We all have our failings.”

June 15, 2012
Blame this on afewnovelideas edition of AUs I’m Not Writing, Dammit:

Because I re-read her ideas for her fic ‘Nobody Matters’ and came across the notes on Tim. So- Nobody Tim and Nobody Steph.

Mythotix- Tim

Nixphetaes- Steph

Tim and Steph’s world was overrun by the heartless a little while after Steph became Robin. Both of them became nobodies, and became members of Organization XIII at the same time. The rest of the batfamily escaped during the evacuations. As far as they know, Steph and Tim are dead.

Mythotix resembles Tim, more or less. His eyes are dark gray, and his hair is red, and he isn’t scarred at all. But other than that he’s Tim’s double. Nixphetaes looks very little like Steph on the surface. Like Mythotix, her eyes are gray, several shades lighter than his. She has very short black hair, in a pageboy cut.

They’re partners within Organization XIII. Mythotix is the more outwardly normal, optimistic one. The memories he retains from being human are largely from his time in Young Justice, as well a few scattered memories of the time he got forced out of his position as…he doesn’t know what. He remembers being lonely and restless and miserable in the time before he was turned, and isn’t really bothered by his status as a Nobody. He uses a heavy staff as his main weapon, and controls a pack of wolf-like heartless.

Nixphetaes has few memories of being human. Most of them bad- her father, and giving up the baby being the main ones. She’s colder, and crueler, than her partner. Nixphetaes rarely shows preferences or reaction to events around her, except when Mythotix is threatened. That’s generally a bad idea. People die. Lots, and lots, and lots of people, unless Mythotix can cajole her into stopping. She uses throwing knives as her main weapon, and has control over a small flock of bird-like heartless.

In certain ways, they resemble their human selves very strongly- Mythotix is a pathological stalker, has a tendency to talk to animals, and is scary good at long term planning. Nixphetaes is brilliant at improvising, is determined as hell when she sets her mind to it, and has little respect for authority. They’re good partners. They know each other’s cues, they compliment each other skill wise, and they’re good at collaborating with each other. And since both of them, being nobodies, have few moral objections to anything, they are absolutely terrifying when on a mission. They’re world killers.

They share a secret- both of them are starting to feel some weak emotions, mainly involving each other. It remains to be seen how this will effect their totally unplanned and rapidly upcoming run in with the remaining batfamily.

May 28, 2012
You, and me, and demon-baby make three edition of AUs I’m Not Writing, Dammit:

Canonly, Ra’s’ end goal is to wipe out 90% of the human population and rule over the remainder. What if he succeeded?

He manages to engineer his virus, set it loose upon the world, and people start dying, pretty much immediately. Tim’s just recently been forced to quit as Robin, Steph’s taken up the role.

Both their parents die, and they end up moving in with Bruce, trying to keep Gotham afloat as the plague takes the world apart. In the end, when it’s burned itself out, and the lucky ten percent remain, Steph and Tim are the only members of the batfamily left.

Ra’s more or less manipulates them into coming with him to his new capitol of the world. They are, after all, the Detective’s only remaining legacy.

Ra’s success doing that certainly isn’t hurt by the fact that they’re both shell-shocked, and suffering from the lingering trace of the virus. Which, canon again, was supposed to make the survivors both more intelligent and more docile. They end up being raised alongside Damian, the three heirs to the new world.

They’re still essentially themselves, but well- dead is dead. The rest of the species isn’t coming back, and Ra’s is just about the only person qualified to rebuild the world without it going terribly wrong.

Steph and Tim are never entirely comfortable with their new positions, but they do what they can to help people out with the power they’re granted. Damian essentially ends up as their tag along on an endless world tour of rebuilding, demilitarizing, problem solving, and just generally setting things to rights.

Then, when Damian is thirteen, a scientist rediscovers how to make portals to alternate realities. Steph, Tim and Damian stumble upon the tech, and end up in a verse where canon history happened instead.

Short-tempered assassin-brat Robin, meet spoiled-rotten baby heir to the empire. Angry, isolated Red Robin, meet grieving, introverted crown prince. Bubbly, determined new Batgirl, meet hard, angry soldier-princess.

Bruce, meet the three alternate reality versions of your children, all of whom have spent the past five years grieving you.

April 15, 2012
For Ran. Ra’s wants Grandbabies

What is this, I don’t even.


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