May 26, 2012
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slothesaurus replied to your post: DC continues to fail at basic research, or, a meta-commentary disguised as a ficlet

lol where is this from?

Spoiler warning for RHatO #9, so beware if you are one of the few people still reading.





Xiao Loong was the Talon Jason…

Hi, I’m Chinese, albeit one that can’t really speak the language, lol. Here’s my two cents: the Chinese normally have 3 names, the first one is the surname, the 2 following names are the given name. For example, my Chinese name is Shi Xiao Yen, so Shi is my surname, Xiao Yen is my given name, and people would call me Xiao Yen without shortening it to only “Xiao”. So I think the Xiao Loong in RHaTO might be his given name only. 

And two Chinese words can be very different in meaning with different intonation and characters, eg. shi can mean “four” or “death”. My name Xiao Yen can mean differently when pronounced with different intonation, as it should means “beautiful”, but when I mispronounce it(lol the intonations are hard to remember), people would think my name means “little sparrow”.XD

So yeah, we can’t guess Xiao Loong’s name meaning until DC publishes the chinese characters.^^

Thank you for telling me that. Online research is always a bit iffy, and hearing from people who actually know the subject material is enormously helpful. Xiao Long as his given name, I can work with that. Might need to do some retconning to explain it.

Or, ohh… idea. You mentioned if you mispronounce the intonation, your name sounds like ‘little sparrow’. Working off that, Xiao Long as a nickname came from a similar mispronunciation. Then I can stick with the court misunderstanding, and them insisting on calling him Xiao.

That would allow for an wonderful character development moment- Xiao Long reclaiming his full, properly pronounced, given name as a sign he’s moving away from the identity of Talon the Court forced on him.

That will be so much fun to write. Thank you! I never would have even thought of that if you hadn’t responded to the post, and it’s going to add so much to his character.

(I don’t think DC is ever going to publish the Chinese characters. Xiao Long’s a one shot character with, like, eight pages of screen time. I always fall in love with the one shot characters like that. Janet Drake, Zeddmore Washington, Owens, now Xiao Long. Plus it’s Lobdell and his usual antics about race. I hope I’m wrong though. It’d be lovely if DC brought Xiao Long back to life.)

Haha, you’re welcome. That’s a cool idea if you wanna write the court misunderstanding his name.^^ I’ll be looking forward to that fic!

Actually what I know of RHaTO are all from Tumblr, and I keep hearing people say that it’s bad. Is it, though? Personally I don’t like the art style and the way they pretty-fy everyone, lol. I’ve seen enough that sparkly eyed Jason in Tumblr.XD And I don’t like the way they potray Kori and Roy. Are those three in a relationship or something? lol

It’s terrible. Trust me, I read all nine in one sitting. Racist, sexist, fat phobic, disgustingly intent on establishing the male leads as heterosexual and irresistibly compelling to woman, replete with magical Asian stereotypes, complete erasure of pre-reboot history and characterization, and focused all around Lobdell’s sparkly mary-suetopia of magical Asians- of which he all killed completely off screen in issue one so Jason could be the mighty-whitey last heir to the legacy. With magic swords. The most irritating part is how there’s all this Asian inspired imagery and style, but no actual heroic Asian characters. In fact, all of the villains have been PoC, excepting a brief cameo by Mr. Freeze.

God, I think most of us wish Kori, Roy and Jason were in a relationship. It’d be preferable to what’s actually happening in this train wreck of a title.

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May 24, 2012

Jason and Xiao. Cute little undead babies. I ship it.

May 23, 2012
Lector reads comics

I hope you all appreciate the lengths I go to in order to write fic for you guys. I’m about to read RHatO as research for another Red, Robin, and the Outlaws fic.

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