May 11, 2012
No Man’s Land (3/?)

In which Tim demonstrates why NML is a very bad place to raise a child. Warnings for somewhat explicit desecration of a corpse, troubling unchildlike behavior, and inappropriate use of human remains.


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May 2, 2012
No Man’s Land (2/?)

Yeah. Um. Ten year old Tim is- deeply, deeply special. In all sorts of ways that make Ra’s’ brain hurt. Darling boy, you are a holy terror. Ra’s spends most of his time with Tim torn between amusement, concern, and sheer disbelief. Warnings for an OC, Old Madge, being the creepiest person I have ever written, and that includes Slade from the Adin verse. Beyond that, actually fairly tame.

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May 1, 2012

gothampeasant said: First of all, I absolutely love your stories. I love the flow, the writing is beautiful, and I'm always enthralled. Second, I never really took your Ra's as racist towards his ethnicity. Perhaps that is my mistake, but while reading your stories I see him as Ra's, a major villain, who just so happens to be from the Middle East area. The only thing I can say is that I'd like to know why he's stealing the children. From what I know of Ra's, he doesn't do anything without reason.

oh, sure. Plot wise, I coudn’t get into that because it’s from Tim’s perspective, and Tim is a cynical, cynical little thing in this one. Comes from growing up in No Man’s Land.

Ra’s is actually being fairly benevolent here (for him, anyway). He’s already decided he’s going to burn No Man’s Land off the face of the earth, and well, Children. They were born there, and they never had a chance to escape, unlike some of his other targets. And the league can always use people who don’t legally exist. (People rarely think about the bureaucracy behind running an international league of assassins. Payroll, transportation, medical care, construction, weapons design, manufacturing and maintenance, housing, training, and feeding of employees, etc. all of which has to take place out of the public eye. All it would take is one, just one, employee getting his/her taxes audited to blow the whole thing open. Having to employ people with government records attached to them makes Ra’s very cranky.)He’s evacuating those he can. The Minion Class of ‘16 is going to be exceptionally large.

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