February 21, 2014
I’m a terrible person

Accidental time-traveler Jason end up in Bruce’s early, early days as the bat and proceeds to troll the hell out of him by referencing as many memes and irrelevant internet fads as possible while keeping a straight face.

Just picture it: For almost 20 years, Bruce has this file of shit Jason said, and he’s spent years trying to decipher it … and then one day he hears one of his kids making ‘In capitalist America’ jokes, and the sound of utter despair that comes out of his throat is simply indescribable.

November 23, 2013

afewnovelideas said: Lords verse headcanon: (A slightly saner) Harley works with the Resistance. She escaped being lobotomized by Superman because of Jason Todd (who was Robin II at the time). Jason learned that Harley was pregnant and wouldn't allow her to be harmed. Gotham Lords are touchy about family. Clark took out his anger at her escape on Jason. When Batman finally found Jason's body, Clark blamed the teen's death on the Joker, who was still at large. Jason was revived the same day Harley's child was born.

Oh my god, that gives me ideas.

Jason’s a resistance member, and he’s totally opposed to most of the Lords, but he’s really, really conflicted about Bruce. He thinks he can be redeemed. (Which is canon for the verse, sorta. Lord Bruce was the one to be convinced to turn in the DCAU episode.)

I’m half convinced he’s an actual pacifist, with really developed opinions about the roles of imprisonment and punishment in modern society.

Jason and Harley’s baby (Will I go to hell if I suggest the baby’s name be JJ?) both celebrate their birthdays on the same day, since Jason does have to actually live out in Gotham - the less ties he has to Jason Wayne, the better.

Jason and Harley probably have a cover id as a married young couple. They’re ‘nature enthusiasts’ which is their excuse to vanish off to resistance meet-ups every so often.

Jason is probably assembling proof that Clark killed him, because he’s pretty sure he can at least get Clark taken down by the other lords if it comes out how he died. In the mean time, he’s Jack’s eyes and ears (and occasionally hands) in Gotham proper.

October 23, 2013

'What do you want?'
'My Ducati broke down. I can't figure out what's wrong, I had to skate here.'
'Tim, it is SEVEN. A.M.’
'And it's raining, gimme a break.'

Hey, look at this! It’s lovely.


'What do you want?'

'My Ducati broke down. I can't figure out what's wrong, I had to skate here.'

'Tim, it is SEVEN. A.M.

'And it's raining, gimme a break.'

Hey, look at this! It’s lovely.

October 20, 2013

afewnovelideas replied to your post:

Question on Honor!verse (feel free to ignore if you wish): How does Janet react the first time she hears canon!Jason call Tim “Pretender” or some other insulting reference in person?

"Really, Jason, I thought you knew better than to project your own insecurities onto other people. It’s such a pathetic sort of weakness."

July 27, 2013
More on the Tim as an Independent Vigilante Plotbunny

Tim got established as a vigilante because unlike in canon, when Bruce started going off the rails, he knew enough to bench himself, and (reluctantly) handed Gotham off temporally to the various bat-approved superhero groups in Gotham. But that still left most of them stretched thin, and Tim saw a need for someone in the area around his home. It’s rich, upper-class Gotham, yes, but there are still poor people operating in and arround the area, who are vulnerable to crime and abuse. Nobody’s policing his neighborhood, though, because it’s officially a ‘safe’ part of town. So Tim takes up a mantle, and expands out from there.

Despite Tim being a non-aligned vigilante without many ties to the superhero community in whole, he’s an established enough force in his patch of Gotham to be noted. So when identity crisis roles around, his dad is still killed (Because the one who arranged it assumed Tim must have had stronger ties to the community than he did.) only Batman isn’t there.

Enter Owen Mercer, Captain Boomerang the second. Literally. Here, there’s no Batman, only a severely shaken Tim-in-civvies and a bunch of Gotham’s less-than-finest. Owen, who isn’t a complete asshole, ends up bonding/grieving/circumventing the cops with Tim to get to their dads, and ends up sucked into Tim’s little group.

Owen is the PoV character, and we see through his eyes how Tim operates in Gotham, how Ives, Ariana, and Dana act as his support network and family, and how Jason/Red Hood plays into things.

April 11, 2013
Random plotbunny number one million and thirty four…

Industrial espionage Timbot pretending to be human in an online relationship with a soldier in Afghanistan - Jason, who unknown to him is a combat android.

February 15, 2013
In Which Tim Needs Adult Supervision (Chapter two of four)

The fic grew on me. Now featuring Jason.


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February 14, 2013
Weird, random valentine’s day fic idea:

Damian ships his mom with Bruce. Jason just wants Talia to be happy, and Tim is convinced Talia’s the ony person who could actually deal with Bruce’s crazy long-term.

Together, they put on the world’s greatest distraction to get Ra’s’ attention so Talia can spend the weekend with Bruce without her father noticing. Because it’s not like they have anything better to do on Valentine’s day.

December 29, 2012
For Knightwing12: Hound and Jason

Because you asked. Porn continues to elude me, but I’m putting this on the ‘maybe continue later’ list, and for now, Jason and Hound being cute. (When did I start writing cute? I blame the Drakestroke verse.)


It’s sunday, and there is nothing scheduled until the family patrols in the evening. No need to leave the manor walls at all.

No need to be Tim at all. Hound sits up in his bed, feeling a touch guilty for the relief that thought brings, but happy all the same. Being Tim is exhausting, sometimes.

Hound slides to his feet, soundless, and pads into the bathroom. He lets himself meet his own eyes in the mirror, cataloging the person staring back. Long black hair knots and tangles down his back, and his eyes are still heavy with sleep. He looks young, and vulnerable. Hound shakes his head, and sits down on the vanity to start combing the knots out.

“How did you even manage to get your hair in such a state?” Master asks, one hand resting on Hound’s shoulder, the other gently separating sections of hair from one another.

Hound blinks tiredly, heat sapping what little energy he had left. “There was the assassination attempt two days ago.”

“I see.” Master stroked the soft skin behind Hound’s ear, making him shiver. “You did well, pet.”

He never talks about it-with anyone-but Hound has good memories of his master too. He keeps those to himself. Navigating the complications of his identity is difficult enough with trying to reconcile his memories of Ra’s with his current life.

Hound smiles tentatively at his reflection in the mirror. It still seems odd to allow himself such openness, but he’s getting used to it. And there are some benefits to it.

“You awake yet, Ti-,” Jason cuts himself off, and rapidly corrects, “Hound? Stupid question, never mind. Alfred’s got breakfast ready, if you’re coming down.”

“I am,” Hound agrees, ducking his head, cheeks suddenly hot. Jason has that effect on him. Makes him feel younger than he can ever remember being, fumbling and shy.

“Good. Do you have any plans today?” Jason asks, offering Hound his hand. Hound flushes hotter and takes it, intertwining their fingers in a fit of daring.

“I was…” Hound trails off, licks his lips. “…the garden, I, um-”

The look Jason gives him is one of unbearable fondness, mixed with a certain anticipation. “Mind if I join you?”

“No, that would be…” Hound squeezes Jason’s hand. “Nice.”

"Freaking adorable," Jason says, lips twitching. "God, how are you so cute?"

Hound looks up at Jason through his long bangs, and offers, “Talent?”

"Talent, he says. That a euphemism for something?" Jason tugs him a little closer, until their shoulders bump.

Hound hesitates, and decides to go for broke. “I think you’d notice if I had that sort of ‘talent’, Jason.”

Jason looks confused for a moment, and then starts snickering. Hound smiles, and presses a little closer.

December 2, 2012
RotG crossover idea: Pitch and the batbrats

Because as cute as the idea of Jack/Tim is, Tim’s much more a creature of fear than snow.

And Cass spent almost a decade running, looking for a way to atone for what she’d done.

And Steph walked on eggshells around her parents as a child, because she there was no consistency in her family.

And Jason watched his mother die by inches and ended up on the street.

And Damian got pushed too far, too soon.

They’re all shaped by fear. It was the crucible that formed their identities. Tim’s fear drove him to be exacting, precise, always with a backup plan and a list of possibly contingencies. Cass’s fear gave her a purity of purpose, a single-minded determination to never kill again. Steph’s fear made her resilient, capable of getting up and going on in the face of seemingly insurmountable barriers. Jason’s fear taught him compassion and righteous fury, seeing himself in the faces of other victims and survivors. Damian’s fear is still so much a part of him he can’t acknowledge it, or see past it, but he’s learning too, taking chances on people, opening up despite his past experiences.

Fear isn’t an enemy. It’s an ally. It’s the restraining hand that keeps you from diving off a cliff because it looks fun. Fear’s a guard and a guide, the loyal second who asks if that’s really the best course of action.

And Pitch is proud of his Gotham brats. Gotham’s one of the last places children really do still believe in the bogey man. Gotham is Pitch’s city, and he’s practically the batclan’s patron saint.

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