November 19, 2012



I wonder if the “not dressed like that” isn’t so much a testament to how the Sheriff thinks gay guys dress, but to how he knows Stiles acts when he is trying to impress someone he likes.

Because Stiles did dress to impress for the prom when he was going with Lydia. And he seems to the type, as shown in other ways, to go ALL OUT when he is interested in someone and thinks he maybe possibly have a shot. 

“Not dressed like that. I remember when you first met Lydia Martin and you wore a suit to school every day for a month, even though you were in the second grade and had no earthly reason to wear a suit. I remember when you met Deputy Smith’s daughter and dressed like you worked at Hollister for almost a year until you realized that her “best friend, Mary” was actually her girlfriend. I even remember when you first met Scott and wanted him to like you and convinced your mother to buy you a copy of whatever t-shirt Scott would wear so that you could have a copy and you could wear them and be twins because Scott didn’t have anyone else to wear Wonder Woman t-shirts with. YOU ARE NOT SMOOTH STILES AND YOU WOULD NEVER WEAR YOUR SOMETIMES PJ TOP TO A CLUB IF YOU THOUGHT A PERSON YOU LIKED WOULD SEE YOU”


Why do I have so many feelings about this show? I don’t even watch it, for god’s sake.

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July 28, 2012
447. Some people call Janet Drake a “mama bear.” This is not accurate. Janet Drake is a “mama crocodile.” It may appear that she’s left her nest and/or young unguarded, but the moment a threat appears, she’ll leap out from dark, murky waters, her deadly jaws open and ready to kill.




July 26, 2012
436. Ra’s Al Ghul isn’t the only one who keeps Lazarus pits in the basement—and this isn’t the first lifetime he’s had run ins with Alfred Pennyworth. The first time he meets the butler in Gotham, Ra’s is struck with the absurd notion that he looks incredibly like an old lover from when he resided in London. Turns out Bruce isn’t the only one with skeletons in the closet regarding the Al Ghuls.


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omg XD

Can you imagine Alfred’s reaction to hearing about Ra’s behavior in the first twelve issues of RR?

"You…are far too old for Master Timothy."

*Dies laughing*

July 24, 2012
416. The first, last, and only time Janet Drake ever told Tim “I love you” was the day she and her husband left for Haiti.


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(pssstt lectorel here have a tiny little Janet headcanon lol sorry it’s not mine and it’s not much but it made me think of you)

Best. Day. Ever. All Janet, all the time. I love you guys. So much.

July 21, 2012
343. On Tim’s 18th birthday, he finds out his mother, Janet Drake, is not dead. She’s actually alive, a former assassin-for-hire, and was forced to fake her own death when a large bounty was placed on her head by the competition. She and Jack had kept her real “career” a secret from their son so that he could grow up not knowing immersed the bloodshed and violence…. Yeah… See how well THAT one turned out.


This? This is totally up my alley. I sense a theme for next week’s daily drabbles.

May 16, 2012


⚡ It took Tim a long time to believe Dick, when he first started saying “Love you, little brother”. He thought it was a kind lie, to the boy in his colours, the boy who had followed him his whole life. The boy who was so obvious in his hero-worship. So he used to nod and smile and ignore the dull ache inside.
But one day (he forgets exactly when), he started to believe it. His smiles would be genuine and he would hug back just as hard, because he had the best big brother in the world.

He stopped believing it again after Dick replaced him.

May 3, 2012


⚡ The boys often debate over who should give Bruce bad news and why. (“You’ve known him longest”, “You’re his biological child!” etc) By unspoken agreement, Tim is always left out of this– sans the one time when Jason said something along the lines of “You tell him, Babybird. He feels guilty he doesn’t love you”. He meant it light-heartedly, because it was while everyone was actually getting on okay, but the look on Tim’s face, gone a second later, made him feel guilty for a month. Tim laughed it off, stuck around another hour or two and then excused himself and went back to his apartment. He didn’t go back to the manor proper for a few months after that, and managed to avoid Dick for nearly as long.

Ouch. Oh, well, that’s okay. I didn’t need my heart anyway.

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