April 3, 2014
Fic Updates:

Chapter 1 of Sleeping Beauty and The Politics Mistake is 40% done, but needs to be transcribed from paper to word doc

Chapter 5 of Winter Manners is 30% done

Chapter 12 of Born in a Storm is 60% done but needs editing

Chapter 2 of Watanabe Textiles and Merchantile Company is 15% done

Part 2 of The Daughters of Cain is stalled at 10%, don’t expect an update anytime soon

2 separate drabbles for the Orclings and Warg Pups collection are nearly completed and need to be transcribed.

Chapter 6 of The Son of the Pale Orc is 30% done, assuming plotting doesn’t through another curve-ball at me.

The sequel to Family, Made by Hand is still in the planning stages.

Uchiha Yoko is currently a collection of various scenes and a rough plot outline

If there’s anything you’re interested in seeing updated that’s not up here, let me know, because otherwise it’s on hiatus.

March 5, 2014


In death, I will love you forever. Your father, Thomas.

okay but like this is the hottest bruce has ever been in an arkham game

Let’s all be honest though - This is totally Bruce spending his inheritance on fast cars, outrageous clothes, and the pursuit of a destructive lifestyle. And I want the game to make that a recurring joke.

As often as possible.

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February 20, 2014

I need to find some Tommy Elliot scans. I’ve got a horrible evil fic to write.

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February 14, 2014
Not Quite Daily Drabble: One Side of a Conversation (or, an Ace in Teland)

I was reading Te’s fics when an evil idea occurred to me: New member of the batfamily being an ace of the sex-repulsed variety. In Teland. I cackled like a witch over the idea. Then I thought about it and managed to break my fucking heart. So you all are going to suffer with me.


RJ picked at a loose flake of rust on the fire escape pensively. “It’s not that I want to have sex with them, exactly. I mean, not wanting to have sex is one of the few things I’m absolutely sure of about myself.”

“But sex is what binds this family together. Even when Tim wasn’t actively having it, he was actively wanting it, and I’m just – here. Wrinkling my nose at anything getting near my genitals.” She snickered a little at her own phrasing.

“Or getting other people’s genitalia near me,” RJ agreed. “But sex isn’t just sex with bats. It’s about intimacy and trust and all that other horribly uncomfortable emotional stuff. Because most of us are emotionally incompetent, and that’s the only time they let their guard down to actually fucking talk about it.”

“You think I’m exaggerating, but I’m really, really not.” RJ tossed her hair back, scars flashing into view briefly before being hidden again beneath her hair. “Average vigilante has enough issues to fill the library of congress. I should know, I’m one of them.”

“Yes, really. Only difference is my brain bypassed the sex shit the rest of them got tangled up in.”

“I run around rooftops in green scaled panties, hitting people with a big stick. At what point did you get the idea I was well adjusted?”

“But, yeah.” RJ sighed, staring off into the distance. “That’s my family, sex and warts and everything else included.”

She shrugged.“What can I do? I either get used to being on the metaphoric outskirts of family life, or I have to let them fuck me – except they won’t fuck me, because they all know I’d rather have a root canal without anesthesia, and they don’t want to hurt me.”

“I want to be part of the family. Really part of it, not just working beside them and being friends. But that’s not possible, and I’m trying to make myself accept it.”

January 20, 2014



Son of Batman - Trailer


Oh my god. Oh my fucking god. Teeny Damian, and his voice, and there’s Talia not being Grant Morrison’ed, I love it!

January 5, 2014
Hey, so severe weather warning says not to leave the house before noon on tuesday, so give me prompts?

Priority will be given to Animorphs prompts, and Lords Verse and Hound Verse in Batman.

Seriously, please give me prompts, I’ve got a solid 36 hours where I can’t go anywhere, and I’ve already been stuck inside for the better part of two days. If you guys don’t give me something to do, I can’t be held responsible for my actions.

October 20, 2013
Quick! Drabble Prompts Time!

I’m accepting prompts for a short time.

Anywhere from 100 to 600 words, depending on inspiration.

Fandoms: ROTG, Batman, Animorphs, WTNV, Sleepy Hollow, Pacific Rim (must include Mako), any/all original fiction ideas I’ve ever written about or mentioned.

Go Go Go! I’ll be here all night and all day tomorrow, because I have a test to avoid studying for.

October 3, 2013
Pacific Rim Bunny:

Itty-bitty Cass making friends with little Mako at a park.

Itty-bitty Cass hanging around the park every day for a month, hoping little Mako will come back again.

Itty-bitty Cass being adopted by Stacker Pentecost.

Itty-bitty Cass and little Mako as sisters.

Itty-bitty Cass sitting under Herman’s desk with little Mako, playing hide and seek with Stacker.

Itty-bitty Cass following Newt around and pressing her little face up against the specimen tanks.

Not-so-itty Cass stalking Sasha and Aleksis around the Shatterdome.

Not-so-itty Cass hiding under Chuck’s bed and popping out to scare him.

Cass in the shatter-dome, playing on the jaegers

Cass wandering around the bone slum, munching on red-bean buns.


September 28, 2013
Re-reading ‘Young Miles’ and ‘Red Robin’ at the same time…

I would pay good money to see a well-written long fic of Tim as one of Miles Vorkosigan’s armsmen. So much money. Those two would get on like a forest fire.

September 26, 2013

Avatar Cass.

The Avatar has been missing since Avatar Aang died, fifteen years ago, and everyone is panicking.

Meanwhile, a voiceless young girl drifts across the earth kingdom, watching, helping where she can, practicing her bending in the quiet hours of the night.

Cass arrives in Republic City after the city is thrown by a violent storm, and is taken in by Barbara, the daughter of a councilmen, who has secrets of her own.

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