May 8, 2014

Anonymous said: If you're talking about the religious text calling Jesus a prophet, but not the son of God, that's not actually revolutionary or anything as far as ideas go. That's a *really* old idea that's very common among Muslim people. The only exciting thing about that book is that it shows that that idea has been around for a *seriously* long time.

Wow, um, this awkward. I was talking about the vatican’s role in concealing/silencing the whole child molestation problem that they had going on.

….Now I’m just going to shut up and never say anything again.

May 6, 2014

Anonymous said: Sorry, but first person narratives don't really do anything for me. Also, I have a hard enough time getting interested in Naruto canon characters that getting interested in characters I don't know and aren't already invested in is impossible. That's the risk with writing OCs, your readers aren't already invested. I found the first scene kinda meh. You wrote a snippet of Yoko and sibling arriving at Iwa's gates - I think you should lead with that scene - that scene made me want to care.

Thank you anon! And you don’t need to apologize. It’s disappointing to get no reaction, but nobody owes me their engagement.

I’ll take that advice into consideration - I don’t want to get into the high-drama scenes too early, but from your response, I probably need a better hook.

Thank you again. That is such a helpful response, I really appreciate you taking the time to give me feedback.

May 5, 2014

Anonymous said: the word you're looking for is anaphora

This about the written variant of echolalia I asked about? Because thank you, I’d given up on that! I’ve never seen anaphora used in that context, but it works great for that. (Besides, even if nobody but me uses it, having a word for that will make discussing it so much easier.)

Thank you, nonny, for your time and for answering my question. I really appreciate it.

April 23, 2014

Anonymous said: didn't kisame have kids trailing after him because of the whole seven swordsman of the mist thing? suigetsu, in particular was implied to have known him. so he'd be somewhat used to looking after kids. i can just seeing getting annoyed because after leaving mist he'd thought he was done with babysitting, lol.

And then there was Haku… *snicker* Can you see it? the Seven Demon Babysitters of the Mist!

Poor Kisame, perpetually surrounded by kids with sharp objects. At least Itachi didn’t need to be taught anything.

April 1, 2014

Anonymous said: This is the Anon who doesn't like April's Fool to be an excuse for being bad human beings. I'm good now. I'm just left with distrusts toward everyone on the 1st of April. Its took years before I finally got away from that cycle. I just doesn't like seeing peoples using April's Fool day as an excuse to do to others, what was done to me. Making someone cry isn't funny, making them scared or hurt isn't funny, ruining their belongings isn't funny. Be responsible.

You’ve put the issue better than I managed. Cruelty isn’t funny.

I’m glad you’re okay, nonny, and (because it cannot be said enough, apologies for harping on this,) I’m sorry that was done to you. It was wrong and it was cruel. The fact that you’re getting over it makes you a damn sight stronger than your tormenters.

April 1, 2014

Anonymous said: To those anons thinking April's Fool is just simple fun. I will have them know that I was traumatized because Bullying would double or triple and then when getting back home with their "pranks" 's results I would get punished. So, NO. April's Fool day isn't an excuse to be hypocritical assholes and doing irreversible things to some peoples.

That sucks, nonny, and I’m sorry. You didn’t deserve that. Nobody deserves that. I hope the use of past tense means it doesn’t happen to you anymore.

Take care today, okay? And remember that you deserved better and don’t let anyone tell you there was an excuse for what happened.

April 1, 2014

Anonymous said: Because you're a perfect human being who's never fucked up and hurt someone without meaning too? No, mistakes caused by the society wide under-education about mental health issues total make someone an asshole. Intent doesn't matter to the *injured*. Intent is the ONLY difference between someone who made a mistake and an asshole.

No, I’m someone whose been an utter fucking asshole, and gotten called on it. Because I fucked up and hurt someone because I was careless, and that was an asshole move.

Seriously, how hard is this to get? Doing this shit, out of malice or carelessness, makes you an asshole. Sorry, but it’s true. There is no magical ‘not an asshole’ card because it was by mistake instead of intent.

April 1, 2014

Anonymous said: Because on April fools people tell LIES. And other people EXPECT LIES. They don't break each other's arms. Most people on April 1st would react to the "wake up" prank with - nice try, but its April 1! after a moment of confusion. Thus, most people don't EXPECT that someone might actually be hurt. Obviously they are *wrong*. No one should do it. But these people aren't actually trying to gaslight people for real. They're still wrong if they do it and hurt someone, just not deliberately malicious.

Being so thoughtless you can’t recognize the potential harm your actions may do is a form of being an asshole. One of the most common, frankly. Intention doesn’t matter - you’re still a fucking asshole if you pull that sort of stunt, and you deserve to be named as such.

April 1, 2014

Anonymous said: ...on the holiday where you're deliberately supposed to trick people.

As a trick, I’m going to break your arm. It’s funny, see, because you weren’t expecting it. Why are you angry at me, this is the holiday where you’re deliberately supposed to trick people.

I hope you see why I’m less than awed by your logic. Basic courtesy, compassion, and morality are not put on hold for holidays.

March 31, 2014

Anonymous said: I'm you last post you're confusing ignorance and deliberate maliciousness. Not going to make things better for the victim, but telling someone who's ignorant about what can cause a panic or anxiety attack not to be an asshole isn't going to prevent them from doing something stupid and triggering a panic attack in someone because they just flat out don't know what behaviors to avoid. That's why specific posts are good. A lot of people don't *want* to be an asshole, but they don't know how not to,

…People don’t know that attempting to undermine someone’s sense of reality is an asshole move? Seriously? I’m a socially inept virtual-hermit and I know that.

Like, maybe they don’t know it’ll trigger an anxiety attack, but it doesn’t need to do that to be an asshole move. It is inherently an act of an enormous asshole. You don’t play fucking mindgames with people for your own amusement. And if you need to be told that, then you have a serious problem.

(And if that’s setting the bar too high, I’m going to officially give up on humanity, JFC.)

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