January 13, 2013

motherfuckingnazgul replied to your post: I don’t like the villain of this piece-at all,…

lector you’re making me want to write stories about gods stop that

Now why would I do a silly thing like that.

Wanna know some fun details about this verse? The only way to kill something divine is to kill every worshiper it has. And you can check if you got everyone, because as long as a god lives, their alters will burn in a magic user’s sight. The alters are a part of the god, and the god is part of the alters.

It makes genocide a frighteningly precise art. There are a half-dozen deities (at minimum, there may be more, who are so well hidden even their existence is a secret) who only have one alter in the entire world, the location known only to the handful of worshipers that remain, because they barely survived the attempt to kill them ages past, and are still hunted to this day.

  1. motherfuckingnazgul said: lECTOR THATS REALLY COOL SHIT NOW IM GONNA GO WRITE ABOUT GODS THANKS dkfjghjsdfkgsdfg
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