July 24, 2014
Not quite daily drabble: cats

The first one is Timothy, fittingly enough. A tiny, fist-sized ball of indignant, rangy black cat, winding his way into Ra’s’ life two years after the crisis that wiped Gotham - and most of her protectors - off the map.

Timothy decided Ra’s was his human in Egypt, and like his namesake, managed to stalk Ra’s. Through Egypt, to Saudi Arabia, then Iraq, and all the way back to his base in Iran. Ra’s gave in, ordered a cook to bring some raw chicken, and resigned himself to black fur all over his pillows.

Ten years after Timothy’s arrival came Thea, with kitten-blue eyes and enough thick black fur to look double her actual size. Timothy looked very smug when he deposited the tiny furball in Ra’s’ lap.

A year after Timothy’s death came Timoteo, the latest of Thea’s kittens. He got into everything, including the Lazarus pit. Ra’s hadn’t been aware, prior to that, that pit-madness could affect animals. He was aware he shouldn’t find the oversized monster’s antics quite as amusing as he did, but. Watching the Ubu scramble in fear before a seventeen pound animal was a highlight of many hard days.

After that, he loses track of the exact order. There is Tim, and Timothea, and Timmas, and Tima and Timmeo, and many others.

And then one day there is Jane, the latest of Ra’s ill-considered pets held in her arms, staring at Ra’s in bemused horror.

"You cannot," she says, in a voice filled with bemused horror, "have missed me this much. I refuse."

Ra’s sighs, and resigns himself to a human lifetime of mockery. “And hello to you too, detective.”

July 24, 2014

Anonymous said: do you mind if i ask what you think about embers by vathara? i'm basically just assuming you've read it, it seems kind of like something you'd be interested in. mostly, i'm asking because i was going through your fic ideas tag and came across the post about writing the 'wronged my people' antagonist, and that's basically what embers is. though i have heard that zuko can get pretty self-righteous, it's really interesting, plus culture and politics shenanigans, which are great.

I have! I’m not finished with it, because I can’t really get past the early part of the ba sing sei evacuation arc, but I intend to finish it one day.

July 23, 2014

I’m apologizing in advance for my sudden descent into the Toriko fandom. The combination of tiny, stubborn chef and his collection of dangerous boyfriends is too much for me.

July 23, 2014







"Fuck You, Old People" — Group Piece at CUPSI 2014

"By the way, you can’t actually pick yourself up by your own bootstraps. That’s now how physics works."


this gives me life….

"Act your fucking age" god damn, this has a good message here.

39 seconds in and I reblogged it

Ahhhhh! So good so freakishly amazingly good.

I love it.

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July 20, 2014
Yet another Bleach edition of AUs I’m not writing, dammit

Trans girl Ichigo. Because so much of Ichigo’s identity derives from being an elder brother that messing with that is interesting.

Ichigo’s ten when she finally puts words to the nagging sense of wrongness of her life, and by then it’s too late. Karin and Yuzu need their elder brother, and her mom - god, how can Ichigo let go of being her son? And she can’t bear to tell her father, who treats his ‘son’ so differently from his daughters. She couldn’t bear to see him try and fail to change his behavior. Or worse, not try at all.

Ichigo, elder brother, oldest son, is too important to her family’s stability to take away. And she’d make a terrible girl anyway, Ichigo convinces herself. So she grits her teeth and bears it.

Until her inner hollow. Because Shiroko is a girl. Shiroko is undeniably a girl, doesn’t consider herself anything else, couldn’t possibly be anything else, and she’s everything Ichigo has been denying herself. Shiroko looks just like Ichigo, but somehow she’s beautiful. And Ichigo hates it, more than a little, almost as much as she wants to be that.

(In their inner world, Zangetsu sighs, and wishes his wielder was just a little more selfish, because dealing with Ichigo’s continued denial is getting tiring.)

July 19, 2014

Anonymous said: hey! this is for when you're back, but yesterday i was thinking about yoko and the things being in a new world would change, and i was wondering if yoko uses any sayings that are downright strange to the people around them? or maybe they hear common saying that weird them out at first? you've got to admit, 'break a leg', 'burning down bridges' or 'don't beat the dead horse' are quite odd when you think about it.

Yes, Yoko totally does. It’s very strange to their fellow Iwa-nin.

Of course, nobody thinks much about it, because as far as Iwa is concerned, Yoko is more than a little crazy. Bloodline-massacre survivors are not known for their sanity, after all. Most people are just grateful Yoko’s crazy manifests in harmless ways like non-standard speech patterns and a fondness for paperwork.

July 19, 2014
Bleach edition of AUs I’m not writing, dammit

Beware the plot rabbits, they bite.

Ichigo gets abducted by Aizen at nine, right after his mom’s death. Gin ‘helps’ raise him. The result: fifteen year old Ichigo with a perpetual smile, loyalties deeply divided between Gin, Aizen, and the family that thinks he’s dead, and a very shaky grasp of morality.

Meanwhile, instead of Ichigo becoming a substitute shinigami, Yuzu does. Then Rukia gets arrested and Yuzu-tachi (Yuzu, Karin, Tatsuki, Orihime, and Ishida) start preparing to rescue her. Ichigo sighs from where he’s stalking his family, bribes Lilynette into covering for him, and prepares to protect his idiot baby siblings from Gotei-13.

(And Yuzu swears Byakuya is familiar, the same way Rukia is. Ichigo may not be the only one in the family who seems suspiciously similar to deceased members of seireitei. Awkward.)

July 19, 2014


Reblog if you would date a bisexual person

Like if you wouldn’t because there is “too much competition”

Trying to prove a point to an asshole

Isn’t saying there’s ‘too much competition’ basically admitting no one would date you if there were other options?

Cause it sounds like that to me.

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July 15, 2014

afewnovelideas said: Finished marathoning Sword Art Online, and I loved it. Crossover idea: What if SAO had gotten an international release and members of the Teen Titans got trapped? What if Tim and Cass Cain got trapped cause Dick got them the game as a gift to relax?

Cass. In SAO. Jesus, that’d be a wild, wild thing. (If you haven’t read the novel, fun fact: damage done outside of equipped sword skills is marginal compared to using the programed weapon abilities. Cass … is going to struggle a bit.)

And of course, Kirito and Tim have nicely matching guilt complexes. I bet they’d get on either well, or horribly. Asuna, meanwhile, isn’t much like Steph, but I bet Cass would like her anyway. Yui too. (Yui has the greatest aunts and uncles, and Cyborg IS going to build her a body out in the real world, if Cass has to loom threateningly over him while he sleeps to make it so.)

July 9, 2014


holy shit there is a name for it

Well damn. Explains a lot.

Holy Fuck. No, really, holy fuck. This suddenly gives me a word to accurately explain my experience of sexuality.



holy shit there is a name for it

Well damn. Explains a lot.

Holy Fuck. No, really, holy fuck. This suddenly gives me a word to accurately explain my experience of sexuality.

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